November 19, 2016

【SAIGON VLOG】#016 2016ジャパンベトナムフェスティバルと「ベトナムの風に吹かれて」上映会

[fve][/fve] 今日は9月23日公園で開催中のジャパンベトナムフェスティバルと夜に開催された「ベトナムの風に吹かれて」上映会です。 上映会は松坂慶子さんと大森一樹監督が舞台挨拶をされて、映画もとても良かったのですが、なんと上映マシンがWindows Xpのメディアプレイヤーで途中でシステムが落ちて中断するなどベトナムらしいトラブルだらけの上映会でした。

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Banh canh ghe : Tapioka noodle with whole boiled crab.

PHAN XÍCH LONG street in Phú Nhuận district is regarded as a local place but it is not so far from the center of the city. Actually it is just 2 to 3 km and you can reach there easily with bike. Many fancy restaurants or cafe including Starbucks are opened here and attract young Vietnamese. Ba Sach is a noodle restaurant specializing in Banh canh ghe, tapioka noodles with whole crab. I love this noodle and it is similar to Japanese Udon.The taste is totally light, mellow, and a little bit unsatisfactory unless you put in a spicy chili, but the soup is good with crab appearing in the

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