Banh canh ghe : Tapioka noodle with whole boiled crab.


PHAN XÍCH LONG street in Phú Nhuận district is regarded as a local place but it is not so far from the center of the city. Actually it is just 2 to 3 km and you can reach there easily with bike. Many fancy restaurants or cafe including Starbucks are opened here and attract young Vietnamese.

Ba Sach is a noodle restaurant specializing in Banh canh ghe, tapioka noodles with whole crab. I love this noodle and it is similar to Japanese Udon.The taste is totally light, mellow, and a little bit unsatisfactory unless you put in a spicy chili, but the soup is good with crab appearing in the juice!

This place is close to District 1 or District 3 so you can go as soon as you extend a little.


Bánh Canh Ghẹ Ba Sạch
66 Hoa Cúc, P. 7, Quận Phú Nhuận, TP. HCM

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