2.5.0 – 18/01/2016

Feature – New default session handler. Uses custom table to store data rather than the options table for performance and scalability reasons. https://woocommerce.wordpress.com/2015/10/07/new-session-handler-in-2-5/

Feature – New tax settings UI – faster, enhanced with ajax, searchable.

Feature – WP CLI Support. https://woocommerce.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/sneak-peek-wp-cli-support-in-woocommerce/

Feature – Added terms and conditions checkbox to pay page.

Feature – Password strength indicators.

Feature – Added ‘pay’ link to order screen.

Feature – Added admin order/payment failed notification.

Fix – Check for existence of global attribute when you get_attributes() for a product.
Fix – Show order by template on product search.
Fix – Search variation skus in backend search.
Tweak – For coupons with category restrictions, respect the category hierarchy.
Tweak – Added wc_array_cartesian function to generate variations in a logical order.
Tweak – Revised email settings screens to show emails in a table and avoid a long sub-nav.
Tweak – Default customer role capabilities.
Tweak – Expire mini-cart cache after 24 hours.
Tweak – Improved refund error messages in PayPal standard.
Tweak – Removed language pack downloader in favour of translate.wordpress.org.
Tweak – Added onboarding wizard button to the contextual help so it can be accessed again.
Tweak – When a WordPress user is deleted, turn any orders they have into Guest orders.
Tweak – When calculating order taxes, respect tax settings and default to base country.
Tweak – Fade in variation images to avoid flicker during load.
Tweak – Display 2 averages on report (net and gross).
Tweak – Improve product search and use WPDB instead of several get_posts queries for performance.
Tweak – Use SKU for stock order notes.
Tweak – Added order notes for manual email sends.
Tweak – Sanitize shipping method labels/titles.
Tweak – Only display the coupon form on the checkout if a coupon hasn’t been applied.
Tweak – Added billing address column to order screen (off for new users).
Tweak – Created function to disable author archives for customers.
Tweak – When updating cart hash, refresh all open tabs.
Tweak – Use new “question” mark icon font for help tips.
Tweak – Improved review verification status retrieval.
Tweak – Improve appearance when only 1 gateway is active.
Tweak – Aligned terms box left and added required asterisk.
Tweak – Removed dropdown display mode for cart shipping methods – radios are more flexible.
Dev – API – Added /products/shipping_classes endpoint.
Dev – API – Added support to POST, PUT, and DELETE categories and tags.
Dev – API – Added support to filter products by tag, category, shipping class, and attribute.
Dev – API – Added tax and tax_class endpoints.
Dev – Template – New star ratings. The old one was 5 separate buttons. This new one consolidates the 5 options into one element making it leaner visually and more intuitive. Works in IE9+ with a graceful degradation for IE8.
Dev – Template – Added data-title attribute to cart table.
Dev – Template – Product archive anchors are now hooked into templates rather than hard coded.
Dev – Template – Added template files for the customer details list in emails. emails/email-customer-details.php
Dev – Template – Revised single variation cart template. Template files now exist for variations, and the cart button will display (disabled) when no selections are made.
Dev – Template – Made “my orders” columns fully customizable with filters.
Dev – Template – Unified email template order details tables to use a single template.
Dev – Allow wc_clean to support arrays.
Dev – Added a manual update trigger for checkout.
Dev – Added woocommerce_is_price_filter_active filter to Query class.
Dev – Replaced some cart methods with dedicated functions. e.g. wc_ship_to_billing_address_only().
Localisation – Add Kenyan currency and symbol.