Google translate support neural translator, Japanese English translation quality improves dramatically!


What is neural translate?

Google has announced Google Neural Machine Translation (Google neural machine translation:GNMT) system.This is translated by "Google Translate" service and its errow will be reduced to 55 – 85%

Source: Google Translator employs neural machine translation system–English translations from the Chinese

Finally Google followed by image recognition, speech recognition neural machine translation for the translation to take effect.Increase translation accuracy by treating the entire sentence as one translation unit not by word translation.Japan Japanese using Google translate this translation accuracy increases greatly.

Try the new Google translate


Nice to meet you.

Maybe ever, Please do me a favor like translation should be had.Nice to meet you say thank you, but in English. This means "Hello" and are aware of it.

After the rude.

Pardon me, I have to go now.

Do not feel a little different nuances, but English is wrong.After Japan to be excused is not included attention to colleagues or boss that you work on will still have to I'm going home.  Thank you for today place feel as good as I feel.

Thank you

Thank you for your hard work

It is so hard.Thank you for your hard work is clearly boss tells subordinates, men never speak to your boss.But I feel like personally and not paraphrasing to See you tomorrow in Japan, mainly reports to your boss is a term from.

And so far I have to nit-pick on Google translate is

Article 709 of the civil code
By intentionally or negligently in the rights of others or the person who has infringed a protected legal interest is liable to compensate for damage caused by.

Section 709 of the Civil Code
A person who infringes upon the rights of others or the benefits protected by law by willful or negligent shall be responsible for compensating damages caused thereby.

Not an accurate?It may be suitable for machine translation, the law says.So if in the literary work?This is the beginning of Natsume Soseki's Kokoro.

I was always called Dr. who.So just write in here real name is Sensei.This world toukagettan than take back because that's natural to me.Revive the memories of the people I every the to do good "teacher".Also writes the same thing's heart.Such an unfriendly letter not so really.

I have always called that person a teacher. So here too I can not just tell my real name just by writing a teacher. This is because it is natural for me, rather than a casual refuge. Every time I recall that person's memory, I immediately feel like "teacher". Even if you take a brush, your mind is the same. I do not mind bothering for obsolete initials etc.

It is incredible.No problem if it is not it?Find cursor rollover to Google translate translations have translated the entire sentence and say that.Until it was translated word by Word.


Japan language from English, what about you?

This is an article in today's NY Times

Who Will Be in Trump's Cabinet? Let the Guessing Begin

WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump's administration is being assembled behind the scenes. But like much else in the nation's capital, little stays secret for long.

The list of names being mentioned as possibilities for crucial posts in Mr. Trump's cabinet is growing by the hour, giving official Washington what it craves most: a never-ending parlor game as speculation grows about who might actually get the nod.

A big revelation may come soon, according to Mr. Trump himself, who took to Twitter on Friday morning with some news. "Busy day planned in New York," the president-elect said. "Will soon be making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government."

One thing is clear already: Those helping Mr. Trump make the decisions are the members of his campaign's the inner circle. The president-elect's closest aides arrived at Trump Tower on Friday morning, one by one, waving to journalists as they entered elevators to Mr. Trump's offices.

Those included David Bossie, the deputy campaign manager; Steve Bannon, the campaign chief; and Hope Hicks, the campaign spokeswoman. Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and a staunch Trump supporter, arrived just before 10 a. m., a few minutes after Corey Lewandowski, Mr. Trump's former campaign manager. Brad Parscale, the campaign's digital director, also headed up to the top floors.

Who is in the Cabinet of the cards?Start guessing

Washington – Donald J Trump administration under the presidential election regime are being assembled in the behind the scenes.But in the capital of the country's other many of the little longer hold secrets are.

Trump list of names potentially important article cited in the Obama Cabinet is increase the time most want to give Washington State Government.

According to Trump himself took to Twitter in the news Friday morning, the big revelation might be coming soon.President-elect, said planning for the busy one day in New York. "Will make the key decisions to the public soon, the Government run"

One thing is already clear: Trump is a member of the inward circle of his campaign that decision helps Mr.In the Trump Tower on Friday morning, send letters to journalist's closest aides of the President-elect, Trump entered the elevator to his Office.

David Bossie, the surrogate Campaign Manager is included.Steve Bannon, campaign chief; hope Hicks, a campaign spokeswoman said. Rudolph W. Giuliani, former New York Mayor and Trump supporters, 10:00, Corey Lewandowski (Trump's former Campaign Manager) a few minutes later arrived.Campaign digital Director Brad Parscale also went to the top floor.

A grumpy-and it is still remains a little awkwardness.The title "or who is in the Cabinet of the cards?Start guessing "is" whether Trump's Cabinet became one?Speculation has begun "of it is natural.Will be from has translated and who will be be, here is what happens from now, Japan is better translated "became".

No one does this awkwardness

For image recognition level of artificial intelligence has already exceeded the human said.Especially recognition technology in the field of security have made surprising advances.Has appeared in technical level for machine translation I buggered so far could finally be kaput.I think it is still trying to be celebrated a big leap in terms of accuracy, clarity and ease of use.This clumsiness so not long gone we should.


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