Amazing web service! Change your mono chrome photo into color with AI in seconds.


Let there be color!

Joint End-to-end Learning of Global and Local Image Priors for Automatic Image Colorization with Simultaneous Classification developed by Waseda University, Tokyo is really an amazing cloud service.  It turns black and white photo into color in seconds!:
Let there be Color!
The actual action is just drag your black & white photo image on the browser.


Your black & white image will turn into colorized picture.

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This famous photo image, a  Japanese revolutionary in the end of Edo era, Ryoma Sakamoto carries a pistol and put on western shoes with traditional Japanese samurai costume.  With colorized image, his uniqueness is more apparent than black and white image.

Photo repair business will be over

If you order a photo to repair in Japan, it costs almost 90USD /print.  Human work will be much better than artificial intelligent at the moment, however,  a simple job just putting color on black and white picture will be replaced by machine in near future.

Below is a photo repair shop in Saigon.  They still have demands for this kind of photo for decoration or funeral purpose and I love to watch these craftsmen work on black and white pictures using photoshop.  However, their work may be replaced by AI.