Why Pikotaro’s Pen Pineapple Apple Pen hit in the world? And how about the next?


The answer is simple

It’s English.

Simple lyrics in English and it’s visual attracted viewers on the net.YouTuber in the world

list_of_the_most_subscribed_users_on_youtube _-_wikipedia

Recently I’m interested in the number of followers of  YouTuber,  the World No.1 PewDiePie has won 49 million people.  Even No 10 Youtuber got 20 million followers.

Japanese YouTuber’s followers on November 6 are here:

  1. Hajimeshacho 4,230,000
  2. Hikakin TV 3,480,000
  3. Avex 3,050,000
  4. Hikakin Games 2,380,000
  5. Yu Kinoshita or 2,290,000
  6. Sekin TV 1,950,000
  7. Hikakin 1,840,000
  8. Goose House 1,830,000
  9. Hey It’s Mosogourmet 1,780,000
  10. AKB48 1,640,000

(Under thousands are truncated)

list_of_the_most_subscribed_users_on_youtube _-_wikipedia

But take a look at the national rankings and not many followers of the developed countries, Sweden, Chile, Canada and is the top.Unfortunately Japanese YouTubers are not ranked yet.

The No.1 Pew Die Pie videos is here.

This video alone boasts  about 75 million times. I am sure English is crucial to get counts in the world of YouTube.

The next hit song of the Pico?

Pico’s new song “NEO SUNGLASSES (neo /PIKOTARO” is published 10/6 already have been played 11 million times.

But unfortunately this video is the Japan language lyrics.  I think probably this video does not attract English-speaking viewers as PPAP, especially children. I hope he keeps playing performances in English even though he is not good at English (and actually he is not fluent).  This Japanese performance reduce the possibility from the beginning.


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